Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Celebrating Family in All Its Forms #FamilyDay #Ad #Streamteam @Netflix_CA

Celebrating Family on Family Day 2017

As a  Netflix Streamteam member I receive special perks for my participation. Opinions are all mine.

Families come in many shapes and sizes, and the dynamics within a family are often challenging and messy, as depicted in the shows and movies I've shared with you in this post. Seeing oneself reflected in movies and series that depict diversity in families is so important if we expect our kids to be accepting of themselves and of others. The nuclear family consisting of a married heterosexual couple with 2.5 children isn't the reality for a large part of the population. One type of family unit isn't better or worse, just different, and with these differences come unique experiences, relationship dynamics, laughter and challenges. Whether you're celebrating Family Day as an official holiday or not, in my opinion family in whatever shape it may be is something to be celebrated. 

Please Note: Although all of these are about families, and the relationships between family members, not all are family friendly. 

Shows: (check ratings & descriptions about age appropriateness for your family members)
Arrested Development (2013, PG)

Schitt's Creek (2016, 14+)
The Ranch (2016, TV-MA)
Grinder (2015, TV-PG)
Life in Pieces (2015 TV-14)
Switched at Birth (2015, TV-14)
The Fosters (2016, TV-14)

Gilmour Girls - A Year in the Life (2016, TV-14) 
Fuller House (2106, TV-G) & Full House (1994, TV-G)
One Day at a Time (2017, TV-PG)

Movies: For the Adults
The Family (2013, R)
You Again (2010, G)
Playing For Keeps (2012, PG-13)
All in Good Time (2012, PG)
Family Party (2015, TV-14)
Grown Ups (2010, PG)
The Oranges (2011, R)
Piku (subtitles) (2015, NR)
Just Go With It (2011, PG)
2 Days in New York (2012, R)
Love, Wedding, Marriage (2011, PG)

Movies: Family Friendly
Angel in the House (2011, G)
Meet the Robinsons (animated) (2012, PG)
The Parent Trap (1996, G)
Zoey to the Max (2015, G)
An American Tail (animated) (1999, G)
Stuart Little (1999, PG) & Stuart Little 2 (2002, PG)
Daddy Daycare (2003, G)
Annie (2014, PG)
Freaky Friday (2003, G)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible ,No Good Really Bad Day (2014, PG)

Wishing everyone a fun filled and fabulous Family Day! 

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Yep, Just me Cathy thinking out loud about family.

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive special perks for my Streamteam participation. posts and sharing. All opinions are my own.

20 Things to Do in the Capital on #FamilyDay #Ottawa #ThingsToDo #Travel

Fun Things To Do In and Around the Capital on Family Day

1) Tour the Parliament of Canada Buildings. 

2) Visit the many activities and events of Winterlude. (multiple locations Feb 3-20, 2017)
3) Go skating on the Rideau Canal. (be sure to get yourself a Beavertail)

4) Skate on the Sens Rink of Dreams. 
5) Go for a skate at Rideau Hall.
6) Go for a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint.
7) Visit the National Gallery of Canada.

8) Visit a Museum: Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. 

9) Shop, people watch and get yourself a Beaver Tail in the Byward Market.
10) Bundle up and check out one of the Toboggan Hills in the Ottawa area.
11) Head over to an Indoor Trampoline Park: Skyzone, Xtreme Trampoline Park
12) Try Indoor Rock Climbing: Altitude Gym - Clip N' Climb, Coyote Rock Gym, Vertical Reality.  
13) Check out the best trails in and around Ottawa to hike, cross country ski or snow shoe. Including the National Capital Commission Trails, and Gatineau Park.
14) Go Animal Tracking on Snowshoes at Gatineau Park.
15) Did you know there are several places to go for a Sleigh Ride in Ottawa?
16) Learn to Ski, Snowboard or Go Tubing at one of the Ottawa area Ski Hills. 
17) Visit one of the Ottawa area Sugar Bushes
18) Go on one of the Dog Sledding adventures available in the Ottawa area.
19) Visit Parc Omega and then grab some lunch in Montebello.
20) Expand the families taste buds by having lunch at a restaurant that serves up a cuisine you haven't tried before, for example: Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Moroccan.

Wishing everyone a fun filled fabulous Family Day! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Family Day 2017 in the Capital.

Note: I was not compensated for this post. The purpose of this post is merely to share information and ideas I believe are relevant to my readers. All opinions are my own.

Friday, 10 February 2017

30 Movies Perfect to Stream on #ValentinesDay #WhatToWatch #What2Watch

Stream Romance this Valentine's Day 

What To Watch this Valentine's Day: 14 movies to stream that you'll LOVE!

1) Valentine's Day (2010, PG-13)
2) When in Rome (2010, PG)
3) Baggage Claim (2013, PG-13) 
4) Leading Lady (2015, NR)
5) Man Up (2015, R)
6) Kate & Leopold (2001, PG)
7) Sleeping With Other People (2015, R)
8) American Women (2000, PG-13)
9) Cuban Fury (2014, R)
10) Before We Go (2014, NR)
11) My Last Day Without You (2011, PG-13)
12) Sunshine on Leith (2013, 14A)
13) The Longest Ride (2015, PG-13)
14) Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014, 14A)

For the teens in your family 14 more all about the trials and tribulations of first love.

1) Prom (2011, PG)
2) Clueless (1995, 14A)
3) Endless Love (2014, PG)
4) Freaky Friday (2003, G)
5) Bandslam (2009, PG)
6) Be Somebody (2016, PG)
7) Here On Earth (2000, PG-13)
8) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
9) The First Time (2012, PG-13)
10) Family Party (2015, TV-14)
11) Expelled (2014, PG-13)
12) Drive Me Crazy (1999, PG-13)
13) Step Up (2006, PG)
14) Step Up 2 (2008, PG)

And just because I love these ...

Red Carpet (subtitles - Korean) (2014, NR)
Enchanted (2007, G)

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about What to Watch this Valentine's Day. 

Note: My What To Watch posts are not sponsored, nor do I receive compensation in any form for these. The purpose of these posts is merely to share something I believe interests my readers. Please also note, these posts are separate and unrelated to my participation with the Netflix Streamteam. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Commonly Misused or Misspelled Words Beginning With The Letter "M" #GrowYourVocab

Ten Words Beginning with the Letter "M" Commonly Misused, Confused or Misspelled. 

I'm back with another #GrowYourVocab post trying to clarify and demystify more words commonly misused, confused and misspelled. This post has been brought to you by the Letter "M".

Main vs. Mane: (usage) Main refers to the chief or largest part, or the most important or principal part of something, where as Mane refers to a long growth of hair on mammals such as horses, or on people.

Mall vs. Maul: (usage) Mall refers to "a large enclosed shopping complex, or a street lined with shops and closed to vehicles", where as Maul refers to a "type of hammer, a Rugby play, or to cause harm or treat roughly and injure or mutilate".

Maritime: (spelling) Related to, or adjacent to the sea. The term "The Maritimes" is used to refer specifically to Canada's eastern provinces as a collective or region. 

Maybe vs. May be: (usage) Maybe is "used to indicate uncertainty" possibly or perhaps. The rule seems to be if you can substitute perhaps then you use the single word maybe. May be is used to imply something is possible, could be or might be. If you can substitute could be then you use the the two words may be. 

Medieval: (spelling) It means "relating or belonging to the Middle Ages".

Mischievous: (spelling) It's meaning is "causing mischief, playful in a naughty or teasing way". 

Misspelled vs. Misspelt: (spelling/usage) To spell incorrectly. Spelled and spelt are interchangeable and are both correct spellings, with spelled being the American and spelt the British form. American usage sometimes regularizes the past principle of irregular verbs (e.g., pled/pleaded, dreamt//dreamed, shone/shined).

Momentary vs. Momentarily: (usage/meaning) Momentary means lasting for only a moment, or very brief" amount of time. Momentarily means "at any moment or very soon".

Moot vs. Mute: (usage) Moot means of no practical importance, or to render (a subject or issue) irrelevant". It can also mean "to bring up (a subject or issue) for discussion or debate. Mute means "refraining from producing speech or vocal sound, or not giving out sound or speech; silent". 

More vs. Mores: (usage/meaning) More means "greater number, size, amount, extent or degree". Mores refers to "accepted traditional customs of a particular social group" and "the customs and conventions embodying the fundamental values of a group". "Moral attitudes, manners and ways".  

Be sure to check out the Grow Your Vocab posts brought to you by other letters. 
Definitions via Free Dictionary.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking about the Letter M. 

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. The purpose of this post is merely to share with my readers information I think might be of interest to them.  

14 Ways to Say I Love You on #ValentinesDay #Wordlist

Fourteen Sweet Options to Tell Your Sweetie You Care

Sometimes finding the right words to tell someone you care can be tough. So to help you express yourself this Valentine's Day I have compiled a list of 14 alternatives to I Love You. 
1) I adore you.
2) Love Ya.
3) You're my dream come true.
4) You're my one and only.
5) You're my destiny.
6) You're my everything.
7) You're my soul mate. 
8) You're the light of my life.
9) You complete me.
10) You fill my heart.
11) I only have eyes for you.
12) I'm all about you.
14) I'm crazy about you.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about ways to say I Love You. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

If Not That, Then What? Age Appropriate Shows for Tweens #Ad #Streamteam @Netflix_CA

Age Appropriate Viewing Alternatives for Your Tweens.

As a Netflix Streamteam member I received special perks for my participation. Opinions are all mine. 

It's hard to say no to your kids when they ask to watch the "popular shows", especially when "all their friends get to watch them" (which may very well be true). But the truth is many of these shows are made for an adult audience, and although our kids think they are adults, they really aren't. Navigating the rating systems can be hard, especially when some episodes might be okay, while others contain content that's definitely not age appropriate for kids. 

This becomes especially problematic for that challenging pre-high school tween age group. I'm not suggesting kids should live in a bubble or not watch shows depicting some of the very challenging issues tweens and teens face today. I'm suggesting that how those issues are presented may not be appropriate for viewing on their own without accompanying conversations about issues that help to put things into context and perspective. Since we can't be there with our kids all the time, what can they watch that doesn't require supervision or conversations? 

In other words ... if not that, then what? I have watched, streamed, and hunted high and low for suggestions about popular themes that are age appropriate to help bridge the gap for you. Having said that I always recommend watching the shows yourself so you can decide if the content is appropriate for you and your child.

So If Not That ...                                 Then This

Note: One Day At A Time: I have not watched all the episodes, 
so not all may be appropriate for you and your child.

Here are some other streaming options (in my opinion) suitable for tweens:

  • About A Boy (TV-PG)
  • Big Bad Beetlebugs (Tv-7Y)
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV-PG)
  • Full House (TV -G)
  • Granite Flats (TV-G)
  • Mako Mermaids (G)
  • Roswell (PG)
  • Victorious (G)
  • Wizards vs Aliens (TV-PG)
  • Worst Year of My Life, Again (TV-PG)

Just a reminder to parents: Kids are naturally drawn to animated shows and cartoons, but many are not age appropriate and contain mature content, for example Family Guy (TV-MA). It is important that you look at the content and the ratings prior to letting your kids watch them. What is acceptable for one parent may not be for another. Keep an eye out for a followup post with suggestions for animated shows and cartoon alternatives appropriate for tweens in the near future. 

You can get social with Netflix on twitter and catch all the Streamteam adventures by following the #Streamteam hashtag. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about streaming alternative for tweens. 

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive special perks for my Streamteam participation, posts and sharing. All opinions are my own. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016


Channel your inner Boy Scout and Be Prepared!
Starting with an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Boredom.

As a Netflix Streamteam member I receive special perks for my participation. Opinions are all mine.

School is out for the winter break, no more schedules, homework or early mornings. No more making lunches, and rushing for the bus. Woo Hoo!

The holidays start out... 

And quickly turn to ...

But no need to worry because Netflix has you covered ...
Just in time for the holiday hustle and bustle: Netflix-To-Go. Netflix members can download and watch select shows and movies to watch off-line on Android and iOS phones and tablets at no extra cost. The kids can watch some of their favourite shows while you take care of your To Do List, during holiday travel, or recover from your turkey coma. 


December 23rd starts your adventure access with 13 hours of a new Netflix series called Tr0llhunters.

A plethora of Holiday movies and shows for the whole family, 10 Netflix's New Year Eve Early Countdowns for the kids Countdowns, and some classic  New Year's Eve Shows and Movies for the adults once the kids are tucked away in bed. Who has time to be bored with all this fun going on.

All that's left for you to do ...
Is to add your favourite snacks and drinks, and you're all set for a stress and bored-free holiday season. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking about a boredom-free holiday.

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive special perks for my Streamteam participation, posts and sharing. All opinions are my own.